Classes now Online!

During this time of studio closure due to Covid 19 prevention measures, most classes are now available interactively online via Zoom video conferencing.  

Meditation :  Mondays at 6:30 pm,  Wednesdays at 9:30 am

Chair Yoga :   Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays at 11 am

Classical Yoga :  Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30 am

To register simply email or call me to get on the email list to receive email invitations to join the Zoom call.


I know this is a difficult time for us all, me included.  As such, I invite you pay what you can per class ($8-$20). 

If you already have a prepaid plan, you are welcome to continue to use it or it can be put on hold and you choose how much to pay per class. 

FREE Trial Classes

If you have never done yoga or meditation at Pathways to Peace Yoga & Healing before then come and try a free trial class! 

Free trial classes include:  Susan's 5 Tibetans class, Classical Yoga, Chair Yoga and Meditation classes. 

Also offered free to current students who bring a friend who has never done yoga with us before. 

Call to pre-register.

Class Schedule & Registration Info

Class Schedule

Susan's Classes

Susan's Classes



 - 11 am Chair Yoga w Susan       

 - 6:30 pm Meditation w Susan  

 - 7:45 pm The 5 Tibetans w Susan


- 9:30 am Classical Yoga w Susan       

- 7:30 pm Classical Yoga at Zephyr Hall w Susan  - ON HOLD       

- 6:30 pm Gentle Yoga with Stephanie

- 7:45 pm  Restorative Yoga with Meditation w Stephanie


- 9:30 am Meditation w Susan


- 11 am Chair Yoga w Susan       

- 1:30 pm Classical Yoga w Susan        

- 6:30 pm Prenatal Yoga w Jen        

- 7:45 pm Restorative Yoga w Jen 


- 9:30 am Classical Yoga with Mantra w Susan       

- 11 am Chair Yoga w Susan


- 7 pm Restorative Yoga with Meditation w Stephanie

Special Friday Relax & Restore Series:


Yoga Nidra with Reiki w Susan  

- Mar 6, May 8  at 7:30 - 8:30 pm                 

Must pre-register, space is limited


Restorative Yoga with Reiki w Susan          

- Apr 3, May 22  at  7:30 - 9:30 pm                 

Must pre-register, space is limited


Susan's Classes

Susan's Classes

Susan's Classes


To register for Susan's classes: 

Contact Susan Ward at 416-571-0447 or 

Class Fees - 3 options: 

1. Unlimited Classes: 

This is a 3 month commitment.  Attend as many classes during that 3 month period as you like. 

Option to pay monthly. Valid for any of Susan’s classes, excluding Relax & Restore classes, special events and workshops.

Seniors: $270 (or $90 per month). Plus hst.

Non-Seniors: $318 (or $106 per month). Plus hst.

2. Custom Sessions Discount:

Commit to 4, 5, 6 or 7 classes for a discounted rate and attend them within an 8 week period. If you use up the classes before the 8 weeks is done, start another Custom Session. Valid for any of Susan’s classes, excluding Relax & Restore classes, special events and workshops.     

4 classes - $52 seniors, $60 non seniors. Plus hst.     

5 classes - $65 seniors, $75 non seniors. Plus hst.     

6 classes - $78 seniors, $90 non seniors. Plus hst.     

7 classes - $91 seniors, $105 non seniors. Plus hst.  

3. Drop In: 

Come to any class and pay per class.

Seniors: $15 per class. Plus hst. 

Non-Seniors: $18 per class. Plus hst.

Friday Relax & Restore  

Yoga Nidra with Reiki (1 hour)  is  $20 plus HST per class. 

Restorative Yoga with Reiki (2 hours) is $40 plus HST. 

Stephanie's Classes

Stephanie's Classes

Stephanie's Classes


To register or for more info about Stephanie's classes:

Contact Stephanie at 905-926-7126 or 

or visit her website at

Stephanie Massey's Classes - 

Gentle Yoga : Tuesdays  6:30 - 7:30 pm.   

Restorative Yoga with Meditation : Tuesdays  7:45 - 9 pm

Restorative Yoga with Meditation : Sundays   7 - 8:15 pm. 

Contact Stephanie about class fees.

Jen's Classes

Stephanie's Classes

Stephanie's Classes


 To register or for more info about Jen's classes: 

Contact Jen at  (289) 240-4134 or 

Or visit her website at 

Jen Lelievre's Classes -  of Strong Tree Yoga: 

Prenatal Yoga : Thursdays at 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Restorative Yoga : Thursdays  at 7:45-9 pm

Contact Jen about class fees.

Private or Semi-Private Yoga/ Meditation

Not comfortable with a group class?  Can't fit the scheduled classes into your life?  

Arrange Private or Semi-Private classes!   

Simply contact us to arrange time and location.

The benefit of private or semi-private classes is that you can tailor the classes to your needs and what you would specifically like to experience with your yoga or meditation practice!

The format of the classes can be anything from longer time spent in deep relaxation or incorporating playing with mantras or mudras or meditation. We can even tailor a class to do standing postures only or postures specifically aimed at strengthening core.  There is no limit to what can do!

Class Descriptions

Classical Yoga

Classical Yoga

Classical Yoga


 Practice BEING, learning to focus the mind within, observe the self, perhaps glimpsing the Higher Self and just breathe.  As we play with traditional postures done in a traditional way - settle in and hold the posture, listen, watch and be in the experience and release - we have the opportunity to apply the practices of yoga philosophy first hand. We hit each category of posture - standing/ balancing poses, back bends, forward bends, inverted, resting and spinal twist - with a few others thrown in for stretching and we finish class with the blissful guided deep relaxation and meditation of Yoga Nidra.  Modifications are always shown for more challenge and/or for body restrictions.  Yoga at your own pace and your personal abilities. Leave class with greater mental focus, a worked and looser body and feeling at peace.

Tuesdays at 9:30 am, Thursdays at 1:30 pm, Fridays at 9:30 am. (at the PTP studio at 2 Campbell Dr.)

Tuesdays at 7:30 pm at Zephyr Community Hall (310 Zephyr Rd. Zephyr).  Check the schedule for Zephyr session dates.  

Chair Yoga

Classical Yoga

Classical Yoga


This is Classical Yoga without getting down onto the floor.  Class begins with consciously observing the mind and the breath to train the mind to focus within.  Postures begin with a modified sun salutation done standing and progresses into a variety of leg and core work while seated in a chair, includes leg lifts, pike, cat/cow, spinal twist.  Class then moves into standing postures including crescent, tree, warriors, chair and more and ends with some gentle stretching both standing and seated in the chair.  The finale is a guided deep relaxation and peace meditation while seated.  Leaving class you will feel content and peaceful and focused.

Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays at 11 am.

The 5 Tibetans

Classical Yoga

Yoga Nidra with Reiki


 An  intense yogic practice ...

 The 5 Tibetans have been around for centuries.  It is a practice of 5 yogic exercises designed specifically to awaken the kundalini energies and ignite the chakra system. The 5 Tibetans leave you feeling alert yet peaceful and mentally clear while also experiencing a sense of physical well-being. Each Tibetans is repeated up to 21 times intensely moving in and out of a posture or moving from one posture to another and back again. The movements fire up the muscles, the energies and the heat within.  As you gain momentum the experience intensifies.  Class includes gentle yogic stretching postures after the Tibetans are performed and class ends with Yoga Nidra.

Mondays at 7:30 pm 

Yoga Nidra with Reiki

Restorative Yoga with Reiki

Yoga Nidra with Reiki


Relax deeply and completely!  Let stress melt away as you are guided into a physical deep relaxation and peace meditation.  Yoga Nidra is known as yogic sleep where the body relaxes so completely it falls asleep even though the mind is still conscious as it drifts into a meditative state.  It is said that a half hour of yogic sleep is as if the body has had a full nights rest.  While you float in that state of deep relaxation of mind and body I offer Reiki to each person to help deepen the experience and balance the energies in the body.  Wake feeling refreshed! 

Fridays  once or twice a month at  7:30-8:30 pm - check schedule for dates.

Pre-registration required.  Space is limited.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki

Restorative Yoga with Reiki

Restorative Yoga with Reiki


 Prepare to be Bliss!  Yes, BE Bliss itself.  Restorative Yoga is done completely supported by cushions and your only job is to fully let go and relax.  The body opens and stretches very gently all by itself.  This form of yoga is meant to restore you body and your mind and nurture your spirit.  As you relax in each position Susan goes around the room doing Reiki on each student to help balance energies and deepen the experience of rejuvenation.  This 2 hour specialty workshop is offered once or twice a month.  Watch for date announcements.  Or better yet, join the email list and get notifications on dates and space left in each session.  Space is limited so be sure to register early!

Fridays once or twice a month at 7:30-9:30 pm - check schedule for dates. 

Pre-registration required.


Restorative Yoga with Reiki

Restorative Yoga with Reiki


Join us to meditate, to quiet the mind and experience the natural peace you have within you.  Each class plays with different guided meditations to help you practice focusing the mind, letting go of the world and going within.  The class is appropriate for beginners as well as seasoned meditators.

Wednesdays at 9:30 am

Evening class to be announced soon.

Classical Yoga: Emphasis Alignment

Classical Yoga: Emphasis Alignment

Classical Yoga: Emphasis Alignment


Explore common yoga postures in finite detail.  How do you hold your pelvis is Tree pose?  How do your shoulders sit when in warrior - shrugged up full of tension or perhaps rolled slightly forward?  What do you do with the shoulder blades in plank?  Or the neck in a spinal twist?    

This class is exactly as the title suggests: we will run through a full yoga class, though more slowly, with an emphasis on really consciously placing the body in alignment and feeling our way deeply into each pose. Even if you have little experience with yoga postures this is a great way to learn the nuances of each posture. Repetition and attention to detail will pay off. Let your postures evolve. 

Tuesdays at 9:30 am

Playing with Advanced Postures

Classical Yoga: Emphasis Alignment

Classical Yoga: Emphasis Alignment


  For experienced peeps who want to play with new things and more advanced versions of postures. 

This is a Classical Yoga class with more time devoted to trying new postures that are typically more advanced like bow pose, crow, headstand and advanced versions of bridge, shoulder stand, fish and triangle. Some of these you have played with before so do not feel it is out of your range of ability. If you are not ready for headstand, then we will find a different posture for you to do.  Some postures will be great for you, others you may not be ready for. It is all perfect. Come and see what your body and mind can do with a little nudge and guidance. 

Currently on hold.

Yoga for Beginners with Stephanie

Classical Yoga: Emphasis Alignment

Yoga for Beginners with Stephanie


   The basics/ foundation - for newbies and for those wanting to learn or rediscover the foundations of yoga.  This class will start at the beginning. What is yoga? What are the main practices that set the foundation for all other practices? How do we breathe in yoga and why is it so important?  How do I settle the mind to become present? What is mindfulness? Learn a series of common yoga postures, getting to know the body and the mind and who you are. 

You will get the most out of this experience if you sign up for the full session. No worries if you have to miss a class, you will still learn everything you need. ...

Tuesdays at 7:45 pm

Sept 10 - Oct 1

 To register contact Stephanie at or call 905-926-7126 

Prenatal Yoga with Jen

Gentle Yoga with Stephanie

Yoga for Beginners with Stephanie



Prenatal yoga is the perfect way to get your mind and body ready for birthing your new bundle of joy! In this type of session you will learn to control your breath in a calming way, work on releasing the tension that comes from carrying your baby and getting the physical body ready for labor and delivery. No experience necessary. Sessions are typically 8 weeks long. 

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm until Sept 18

Thursdays at 6:30 pm Sept 26 - Nov 28

To register for Jen's classes contact her directly at  (289) 240-4134 or

Restorative Yoga with Jen

Gentle Yoga with Stephanie

Gentle Yoga with Stephanie


 This class uses bolsters, blankets, and blocks to prop students in passive poses so that the body can experience the benefits of a pose without having to exert any effort. This is a great way to restore and refresh both the body and the mind. No experience necessary. Sessions are typically 8 weeks long. 

Wednesdays at 7:45 pm until Sept 18

Thursdays at 7:45 pm Sept 26 - Nov 28

To register contact Jen directly at  

(289) 240-4134 or

Gentle Yoga with Stephanie

Gentle Yoga with Stephanie

Gentle Yoga with Stephanie


 Get your body moving with this uplifting yet slow and gentle class. Gentle Yoga is designed for those with some yoga experience to seasoned yogis; anyone looking to mindfully move in connection with breath. Class will begin with a pranayama practice (breathwork) or a meditation, followed by a slow and gentle practice. Each pose will be mindfully practiced encouraging strength and stability - by the end you’ll be leaving feeling open, joyful and strong. Modifications are always offered so don’t miss out if you’re looking to getting back to a yoga practice. 

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

To register contact Stephanie at or call 905-926-7126

Sleep + Yoga with Stephanie

Restorative Yoga with Meditation with Stephanie

Restorative Yoga with Meditation with Stephanie


 A collaborative series with Dr. Leigha Saunders, Naturopathic Doctor, and Stephanie Massey, Yoga Teacher, to bring you better sleep and combat insomnia! This program includes four 30 minute sessions with Dr. Leigha Saunders and four 60 minute yoga/meditation workshops with Stephanie - and is valued at over $500.
Register before September 23rd for a price of $167. After September 23rd, the full cost of the program will be $197. Contact Stephanie for more info and to register: or call 905-926-7126 

Restorative Yoga with Meditation with Stephanie

Restorative Yoga with Meditation with Stephanie

Restorative Yoga with Meditation with Stephanie


 Spend 75 minutes re-setting your nervous system! This practice is restful and aids with stress, sleep, anxiety and healing. This is also a wonderful practice to keep you connected to your Yoga practice if you are working through an injury. Find peace, calm and deep rest within this class. This form of Yoga is designed for you to fully relax the entire body by using props. Restorative Yoga is known to help slow down the pace of life and encourages mindfulness. Meditation will be added to this class to add depth to a mindfulness based practice.   

Tuesdays at 7:45 pm, Nov 5 - Dec 3

Sundays at 7 pm, Sept   8, 22, Oct 6, 20, Nov 3,17 

 To register contact Stephanie at or call 905-926-7126