Relaxation Treatment Package

Let stress melt away with this specialized treatment that allows you to fully relax and let go.  Be guided into physical relaxation and peace meditation while experiencing the benefits of Reiki and a gentle Reflexology to induce a deep state of relaxation to the nervous system.  Pure Bliss! 

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Relax, Heal, Balance


 Reflexology is an ancient Eastern practice of wellness based on the concept of energy lines or meridians that run through the body from head to toe through which energy flows. When there is a blockage in the meridian we can experience symptoms of physical dis-ease. There are pressure points or reflexes all over the body that run along these meridians.  Reflexology uses pressure techniques, primarily on the hands and feet, to stimulate these points thereby releasing blockages in the meridians to open the flow of energy.  This, then, brings the body into balance and activates the body’s self healing abilities. Reflexology stimulates every system and organ in the body, helps detoxify the body and allows the body to function more efficiently and effectively on all levels. 


Reiki is the ancient healing practice of hands on healing that taps into the Universal Life Force Energy (Ki) to powerfully, safely and gently activate and amplify the life force within the body. It assists in balancing the energies in the body by nurturing the body with high vibrating energies, transmuting lower vibrating energies and balancing and igniting the chakras and energy systems. The results are greater vitality, wellness and health.

Crystal Healing

 Crystal Healing is a form of energy healing that works with the energies of crystals in conjunction with the energies in your body. When the body’s energies are out of balance, these imbalances can manifest as a physical symptom of illness, an emotional state, undesireable thought or behavioural patterns, etc. The crystals, when placed on or around the body, resonate with the vibrational frequencies in the body bringing those vibrations that are out of sync back into alignment with the frequencies of the crystals.  By rebalancing the energies in the body, you can restore health. 

Benefits of Reflexology

  •  Induces Relaxation – powerful for tension release and muscle relaxation.
  • Puts the nervous system into a parasympathetic state for rest and repair.
  • Stimulates all organs and systems and helps to normalize bodily functions.
  • Stimulates the body’s self healing abilities.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Assists the body in detoxifying.
  • Balances the energies in the body.
  • Maintains health.
  • Can alleviate symptoms of chronic and acute health conditions.

And more...

Benefits of Reiki & Crystal Healing

  •  Induces relaxation and a sense of peace within.
  • Relieves physical symptoms of ailments and helps heal the body.
  • Helps clear out old behavioural or thought patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Helps release fear, anger, grief, anxiety, issues that you have been holding onto that plague you.
  • Raises your overall vibration giving you greater insight and wisdom.
  • Removes doubt and obstacles that get in the way of creating the life you want.
  • The energies respond to whatever intention you set.

And more...


You can experience any of these modalities alone or in combination. All treatments are done fully clothed while lying comfortably on a massage table or in a zero gravity chair.  Reflexology treatments begin with a soothing foot spa.  Your only job during treatment is to fully let go and relax.  


Be guided into a relaxation meditation and surrender to a soothing gentle Reflexology and Reiki treatment.  Crystals are optional to help deepen the experience. You don't know how much you can relax until you experience this package!

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