Awaken with the Angels

Did you know that everyone is born with at least one Guardian Angel? Did you know that you are constantly surrounded by the love and support of the Archangels and the millions of Angels in the Universe?

Are you curious about that feeling of someone or something being there giving you a nudge of support or a soft brush against your skin when nobody is actually there?

Join Laurie Fekecs for a night of connecting with your Angels!

Topics covered:

Angel Signs

Angel Numbers

The Archangels

Personal Stories


Thurs Feb 27

7-9 pm

$20 + hst. 

Contact Susan to register.  416-571-0447 or


Intro to Crystals


 The energies of crystals vary from calming and soothing to encouraging states of meditation to shifting lower emotional vibrations into higher ones to powerfully drawing out heaviness to nourishing, balancing and uplifting you and lots more. In this workshop experience the energies of the crystals, learn what they can do, where they come from, how you can use them yourself on your own, how to care for and clear them.  Lots of hands on playing with hundreds of crystals.  Plus, experience a guided meditation with crystals. 

2 hour workshop 

More dates to be announced soon.

$50 incl. hst. 

To register contact Susan at 416-571-0447 or

Honour the Divine Within, Satsang

Join us for an evening to honour the Divine Within.  Satsang is a spiritual gathering to connect with that deep place of peace and Light within us.  We will share in the sounds of the Gayatri Mantra, the Mantra of Pure Light.  Singing is optional.  You are welcome to simply meditate on the sounds in the room.  Inspirational readings and discussion and meditation will help us remember who we truly are and to bring awareness, insight and enlightenment into our consciousness.  Let us share of our Divine nature and connect to that Divine Light within!

More dates to be announced soon.

By Donation.

Please RSVP so we know how many seats to arrange.  Contact Susan at 416-571-0447 or


Nourishment, Insight, Enlightenment - 1/2 Day Retreat!

  Spend 3 hours devoted entirely to YOU! This will be a morning to focus on you to nourish you, uplift you and bring insight and enlightenment into your consciousness. The morning will begin with nourishing breathing, centering the mind and energies and aligning with your inner Self. A few restorative yoga positions will open the heart and align posture to receive love and uplift you. A series of postures (asanas) to balance your energies and let go of tightness will then be followed by a full Yoga Nidra (20-30 min) practice placing you into a deep state of relaxation and meditation as we explore places of deep peace and inner Light and Love. We will finish with the Guyatri Mantra, singing or simply listening to the sounds, setting an intention for insight, growth and enlightenment. Let yourself be Transformed! $80 + hst. Space is limited. Book your spot today!

New Dates to be announced soon.

At the studio - Pathways to Peace Yoga & Healing, 2 Campbell Dr. Uxbridge. 

Call or email to register : 416-571-0447 or   


Courses & Workshops

Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3 Courses


Level 1 - Explore the basics of Reiki energy, history of the Dr. Usui method, the Spiritual connection, essentials of intuition, the 5 Spiritual Principles of Reiki, the 3 Pillars of Reiki, basic hand positions, Reiki on yourself, do’s and don’t’s, and the importance and power of intention.  Lots of hands on practice and receive an attunement to Reiki energy. 

level 2 - Deepen your understanding of Reiki energy, explore the chakra system, grounding, working in the Energy Bodies, working with Divine Beings, using symbols and long distance healing.  Lots of hands on practice, plus another Reiki attunement to higher vibrations.  Prerequisite: level 1

Level 3 - Take Reiki to new heights.  Explore a variety of advanced Reiki techniques using your intuitive abilities.  Learn the master symbol and be attuned once again to fully open you to the Reiki energies. Prerequisite: level 2

Each level is a full day of training which can be done in one day or split between 2 or even 3 days if more convenient.

Reflexology Course - for personal interest


Learn the basics of Reflexology, history, the map of the foot, techniques to stimulate the reflexes and some basic anatomy.  This is NOT a certification course, there is no exam and we will not discuss working with clients.  Lots of hands on practice.  This is great information to know to help yourself and your family when you need to heal and re-balance. 

Full day of training. 

Intro to Crystals, Crystal Healing


Intro to Crystals - Experience the energies of the crystals, learn what they can do, where they come from, how you can use them yourself on your own, how to care and clear them.  Lots of hands on playing with crystals and a guided meditation with crystals. 

2 hour workshop. 

Crystal Healing -  Learn how crystals work in healing and be introduced to the basic crystal layout.  Includes an introduction to the chakras (energy centres) and the energy bodies.  Full demonstration.  Best done after experiencing Intro to Crystals workshop but not required.  

4 hour experience. 

Also available - full Crystal Healing courses.  Call for details. 

Just Breathe!


Explore 3 yogic breathing techniques and experience the powerful effects of each.  Use the breath to de-stress, calm anxiety or other emotional states, to increase vitality and stamina or to balance and clear the head and mind.  The breath nurtures us powerfully with oxygen but also with Life Force Energy.  It also helps us surrender tensions and detoxify the body.  The power of the breath is crazy!  Let's play!

1.5 hour workshop.

Yoga for Stress Management


 Experience ways yoga can help you manage your stress both physically and mentally.  Learn skills to let go, relax and shift perceptions to eliminate stress completely.  Explore how stress impacts you physically, emotionally and behaviourally.

1.5 hour workshop.

Yoga for Insomnia


Learn about some of the causes and solutions to insomnia, when to see your Doctor and tips to help you get a full night’s sleep.  Experience a deep breathing technique to calm and soothe the nervous system and mental focusing exercises to calm the mind.  Workshop also includes some gentle stretching, a guided deep relaxation and peace meditation - all tools you can use on your own at home.  

1.5 hour workshop.



 Learn about the 7 main energy centres in the body and how they impact your health.  Understand the chakras from a physical, mental and emotional point of view and how imbalance gives us clues into our levels of consciousness.  Play with tools to help balance these energies.

2 hour workshop

The Power of Sound - Playing with Mantras


 Experience the power of Mantra.  We will play with 3 or 4 different yogic mantras and the effects they have on body and mind.  No singing skill necessary - just a willingness to play with vibrations. 

1.5 hour workshop.

Deepen Your Yoga Experience


Let your yoga practice become more powerful as you learn to explore postures more meditatively and with deeper consciousness. In this workshop we explore the deeper meaning of a select few yoga poses and what they mean to you personally.  This experience opens you to incredible new insights.

1.5 hour workshop.

Yoga for Arthritis


 Experience a yoga practice specifically designed for joint health.  Movement of joints and strengthening and stretches of muscles supporting joints is the main focus of practice.  This practice can be done in a chair or on the floor.

1.5 hour workshop.


All workshops and courses are offered anytime privately or semi-privately.  Simply call and let's arrange a time.

Keep checking in for updates on scheduled workshops or dates of upcoming course offerings 


Remember - all workshops and courses are offered anytime privately or semi-privately. 

Coming soon - Workshop Series.  Once a month a different workshop will be offered. 

Upcoming Dates - Courses & Workshops

Reiki Level 1 Course

Dates to be determined.

To register call 416-571-0447 or email to info@pathwaystopeaceyog