Schedule & Class Descriptions

Fall Yoga & Meditation Schedule  


 Mondays  –  Chair Yoga  –  11 am – 12 pm,   $12.00 per class if you prepay for the month, $13.50 drop in.  At DanceBridge Dance Studio at 141 Reach St. in Uxbridge.

New ***  Meditation  –  1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings of each month,  9:30 am – 10:30 am, $15.00 per class.  In Sandford.

Tuesdays  –  Classical Hatha Yoga  –  10:30 – 11:30 am,   $15.00 per class if you prepay for the month, $16.50 drop in. At DanceBridge Dance Studio.

Tuesdays  –  Classical Hatha Yoga  –   7:30 – 8:30 pm.  6 week session starting Sept 12.  $78.00 for full session.  $16.00 drop in.  At Zephyr Hall at 310 Zephyr Rd.

Thursdays  –  Chair Yoga  –  11 am – 12 pm,    $12.00 per class if you prepay for the month, $13.50 drop in.  At DanceBridge Dance Studio.

2 Friday evenings and 1 Friday morning a month – Restorative Yoga with Reiki special 2 hour class.  See Workshops & Events page for details.

To register  –  call or email Susan.  Join the session anytime.  Space is limited for some classes so always call ahead. 416-571-0447 or email

All classes begin with deep breathing to focus the mind and centre the energies, then moves into a series of Yoga postures and ends with a guided deep relaxation/ meditation.  All classes are appropriate for all levels of ability and experience.

General Class Info

Susan offers a variety of different classes though all classes are taught intuitively and according to the needs of the students present.  If a student is having shoulder issues then Susan will be sure to incorporate postures to help open the area gently, perhaps specific shoulder strengthening postures, and will be diligent about teaching proper postural alignment to protect joints.  She will also be mindful to ensure that the student omits certain postures that may irritate the issue.

All classes begin with deep breathing to focus the mind, open the breath and centre the energies.  We warm up with a sun salutation then move into a series of postures which usually includes at least one posture from each grouping of postures: balancing, back bend, forward bend, inverted, spinal twist and resting.  Postures are taught statically in that you go into a pose and hold it for a period of time according to what the body tells you.  The classes all end with Yoga Nidra – a guided deep relaxation through meditation.

All classes are also offered privately or semi-privately.  If you do not see a class on the schedule and you are interested in trying it, contact me to discuss opportunities.  Susan has also put together private classes for specific health issues including yoga for arthritis, yoga for carpal tunnel and yoga for stress management.

Class Descriptions

Class begins with pranayama practices (breathing techniques) to centre and focus the mind and body.  This class ensures that we do at least one of each type of posture:  sun salutation, balancing postures, backbends, forward bends, inverted positions, resting posture and spinal twist.  Class ends with a guided deep relaxation by meditation.  Through the application of yogic philosophy, students are encouraged to practice mindfulness (observing with detachment) throughout the class, staying focused on the inner experiences to raise awareness of Self.

This is a specific yogic practice of 5 yogic exercises, each one involving constant movement which is repeated up to 21 times.  For example, one of the 5 is movement from downward dog to upward dog to down dog to upward, etc. up to 21 times.  The Tibetans very powerfully awaken the kundalini energies and helps it rise up the spine to awaken the mind.  It can be an intense practice.  It strengthens muscles, gets the heart rate going and makes you feel alive.  Class finishes with some gentle postures to stretch out the muscles followed by a guided deep relaxation.


Yoga while sitting, standing and using the chair for support if needed.  This is a great class for the desk jockey to learn how to incorporate gentle stretching and strengthening postures into the work day to avoid a stiff and stressed body by the end of the day.  Also perfect for people who can not easily get down on the floor and back up again.  Much of the yoga is exactly the same as a typical floor yoga class – seated sun salutation, standing: tree, warriors, forward bend, etc., sitting: cat/cow, spinal twist, leg lifts, modified pike pose, etc.  Class ends with a seated deep relaxation that is guided.

This is a fun class for kids where we literally play with yoga postures and yogic practices.  We play yogic games to help the kids learn the postures in a fun way.  Lots of laughter and individual expression.  Class always ends with a short yogic sleep and Namaste.

Yoga postures done completely supported by bolsters, blocks and blankets and you simply relax fully into each position.  Dubbed passive yoga as there is little effort put forth, it is actually quite active in the body as it releases tensions very powerfully and teaches the body how to completely let go and relax deeply.  The body feels much looser by the end of class and the mind is much quieter.  Creates a lovely feeling of Zen.

A full hour practicing yogic sleep: a practice of deep relaxation that allows the body to sleep while the mind goes into a state of meditation.  The hour is fully guided in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.  This is an extremely rejuvenating practice that nurtures the body, mind and spirit on a deep level.  This class can be done in half an hour if preferred for private or semi-private students.  It is sometimes offered as a 2 hour workshop with Reiki.

Class usually begins with deep breathing and centering the energies to practice focusing the mind and preparing the body for deeper states of meditation.  We then move into a guided meditation which lets you then go into your own meditation.

Japa Yoga is the practice of sound.  By repeating sacred mantras 108 times, one enters an experience of bliss and meditation.  The beautiful sounds of the Sanskrit language resonating in the chamber of the mouth stimulates the nerves of the roof of the mouth sending messages to the brain that calm the mind.  This class plays with a variety of mantras and experiencing their effects.