We are more than just the body and emotions and ego. 
We are spiritual beings with great consciousness.

What is Holistic Counseling?

It is traditional counseling with a holistic focus. Counseling that brings together all aspects of our being and understands the interplay amongst them all. We are more than just the body and emotions and ego. We are spiritual beings with great consciousness. There is always a higher purpose in every experience we have. When we experience a trauma or difficult situation that creates some form of emotional response, we need to look beyond the experience and ask the deeper questions. What is the purpose in this experience for me? What am I to gain from it or learn?  What little or huge piece of wisdom lies within this experience? Perhaps you do not need to constantly relive your experiences but rather, simply look them straight in the eyes and say, “I don’t need you anymore” and then let it go forever.

Awareness is key. A shift of perception brings peace.  Awaken to what you are holding and simply move through and out of it. My approach to counseling will help you learn the skills to do just that.

Allow the emotions to surface, ride the wave with awareness, observe with detachment how it all feels and then feel it leave the body. We hold onto a huge amount of emotional “stuff” that truly no longer serves us. Learn to let go, allow the cells to be free, and let light and peace enter.


Meet Susan

Susan holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She has always held great interest in the effects of beliefs and thoughts on our perceptions and behaviour.  Through her experience with yogic practices to focus the mind, she has learned very powerful techniques to heal traumas and emotional suffering and how to let go.

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