Susan Santosha Ward

BSW, BA, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Master Crystal Healer 


Susan began her career in Social Work providing goupwork and counseling services to parents, teachers and students in the school setting.  She also volunteered her time to head up the Rainbows Program, a support group program for children who have experienced death or divorce in the family.  Her work touched on a multitude of issues including death, divorce, parenting issues and behavioural issues, abuse, etc.  Her BA is in Sociology and she has forever been interested in social issues and how our experiences impact our thinking, perceptions and our health.

While taking time off to have her family Susan trained in Reflexology and Reiki and began to offer treatments from her home on a part time basis.  She found her counseling skills were awakened as most Reflexology treatments involved a discussion of the client’s inner issues.

Susan discovered Yoga before her children were even a thought and practiced regularly for several years before being ready to train to be a Teacher.  The Yoga Teacher Training had a great impact on her life and her perspectives of the world and healing.

Susan approaches daily life from a holistic point of view and believes that it is important to address the needs of the body, mind and spirit when looking at one’s health.  There is a need to understand the interplay of all aspects of our being to heal our most inner issues and clear the body of illness or dis-ease.