It is my goal to help you tap into your own inner healing abilities
by teaching you the tools you can use on your own to
help yourself through any health concern.

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At Pathways To Peace Yoga & Healing you will find:

Reflexology, Reiki & Crystal Healing

Reflexology is the ancient healing art of stimulating pressure points on the feet or hands to open up energy blockages in the energy lines that run through the body.  It helps release tensions from muscles, increase circulation, boost the immune system and much more.

Reiki is the practice of hands on healing, moving healing energies into the body and restoring balance to the energy centres. It is deeply relaxing, calming and helps heal the body.

Crystal Healing involves using the energies of crystals to help balance the energies of the body, release pent up energies and work with whatever intent for healing you set.

You can have one of these specific treatments or a combination.

Holistic Counseling 

Counseling services with a focus on all aspects of your life and your being – mind, body, spirit. Shifting your perspectives and perceptions enables you to find peace with your experiences and let them go completely.  Susan holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree.

Private Yoga for Healing

For healing specific health conditions or concerns, have a yoga practice constructed that attends to your individual health care needs, physical restrictions and abilities. Yoga is a very powerful tool for healing. Discover how it can assist your healing needs.

Private Yoga for Anyone

For those who are uncertain about larger classes and want to give yoga a try in private. Anyone CAN do yoga, regardless of age, physical restrictions, body size or inflexibility. Every person’s yoga practice looks different and yoga is about much much more than just yoga postures. And postures can be modified or other postures substituted when restrictions present an obstacle or injury prevents movement of certain body parts.

Semi-Private Yoga

Gather some friends and put together a class. At the studio or in your home, we will travel.

Small Group Yoga

Max. 6 students for maximum guidance. Each class is tailored to meet the individual needs of the students present.  Also offering Chair Yoga. See the schedules page for a list of classes Susan teaches at Vitality Yoga in Uxbridge, On.


Private or Semi-Private and Small Group Classes. For beginners or “seasoned” meditators. Guided meditations for practice quieting the mind and for healing.

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Special 1

Relaxation Package  $70.

Be guided into a deep relaxation while experiencing energy balancing with crystals and receive a gentle foot reflexology treatment.

Special 2

Healing Treatments  $68.

Reflexology, Reiki, and/or Crystal Healing

Special 3

Private Yoga Classes | 4 classes for $220.

Classes tailored to you.

Special 4

Private Meditation Classes | 4 classes for $160.

Guided meditations specific to your needs and what you want to experience.

Call to arrange Gift Certificates or to book an appointment or classes.